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Originally Posted by tenis1 View Post
LOL don't be ridiculous. Roddick has no place being seeded #3 for the decade. You did that just to eliminate Djokovic early and push Roddick to the place where he does not belong. Hence your polls are huge fail.

Please stop spamming the board with them.
you have 93 posts and about 10-15 are just you posting about my bias seeding. gimme a break this was just meant to be a luagh for posters and not some political factual serious, be all and end all, definitive arguemnt to who the greatest player ever is. THE TITLE IS IRONIC because we cant answer this question and no matter what happens in this poll it makes no difference now stop posting this rubbish on my threads

'Djoker who pummeled Nadal's BH and forced many unforced errors' OddJack
He is that good he can force unforced mistakes?! This guy has to be GOAT
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