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Originally Posted by tenis1 View Post
No what I am posting is not rubbish. Your threads and polls are rubbish. I told you already, you did a terrible job (either because being malicious or having no clue about tennis or both) when creating these polls. I have given you the arguments and proven you wrong. However you still put Djokovic vs Federer now while pushing Roddick as #3 seed. Simply ridiculous. Sorry when you do something like this that makes no sense you should expect that people will criticize you for this.
yawn my only big mistakes were missing ferrero out and the 80s draw. you keep posting the same arguemnts and now im getting bored. clearly my seeding cant have been that bad i mean all the match ups are close anyway, im sorry if you like djokovic and he isnt looking like he will go through and you dont rate roddick and he might, but so is life. Grow up its an internet forum not an offical statistical and techniqual annalysis of players carears. I appreciate you taking the time to care enough about djokovic to post these comments though. Its good to know that tennis has great fans who will follow their player to the end
'Djoker who pummeled Nadal's BH and forced many unforced errors' OddJack
He is that good he can force unforced mistakes?! This guy has to be GOAT
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