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Originally Posted by niff View Post
Roddick has 1 slam + 3 finals in the 00s
Djokovic has 1 slam + 1 final in the 00s
yeah its another fair point however to be fair djokovic has 2. I just dont see the case to seed him as he hasnt really been around long and its difficult to judge a carear based on 3 years of really good preformance. Also roddick wins the head to head with and also hewitt and maybe safin I think I'de need to check so i dont see any real reason to seed him in a different postition.

Another point is kuten was perhapse misplaced but with only 4 seeds stuff happens like that and you deal with it Guys just trolling and sucesfully too
'Djoker who pummeled Nadal's BH and forced many unforced errors' OddJack
He is that good he can force unforced mistakes?! This guy has to be GOAT
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