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tomorrow's slate:

UNC vs Georgia Tech: Hernandez vs Gomez will be a cracker. Both players are in good form. I am not sure about Spir/Boyajian seeing as I saw both of them disected by Yannick Maden in person. UNc has an edge at 3 and 4, Gt the endge at 5 and 6. Pick: Tech 5-2

Clemson vs Duke: I can't see any way Clemson can win. Especially coming off of such a tough loss. Duke 6-1, maybe a win at 5 or 6

FSU 6 Maryland 1

Miami 6 BC 1: Muppidi to break his skid at #1

Virginia 7, Wake Forest 0: Assuming UVA plays the full line-up can't see any spots where Wake can win.

Virginia Tech 5, NC State 2: Hodgson over Daciek at 2 and Sullivan with a win at 5

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