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Thanks, guys. Nice to have a little outside validation.

Our girls are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2. There's no way a third one was in the cards for us. No mas! I can certainly understand the age separation thing...but I gotta admit PaulMan, had we gotten the first one out of diapers...not sure I would have gone back for the second. In fact, that was the timeframe I gave hubs for having child #2. If #1 was diaper-free, one of us was making an appointment with some scissors. As it turns out, the stick turned pink literally one week before that appointment. Musta been meant to be.

Plus, I'm an older mommy...and the genetic numbers just don't look all that great after 35 and go through the roof after 40. Child #2 arrived two weeks before my 43rd birthday and that's more than enough reason to stop. Realistically, we both wanted a boy but that didn't happen so we're pleasantly content to raise two little cutie girls...and get our shotgun cleaning equipment out in another decade.

I call it a Job and a Joy. And my oh my how that one little (ending) letter makes a difference. all puts tennis in perspective. I love my girls; I love my time on court. If only for that 1.5 or 2 hours, I can be me -- the loud, aggressive tomboy. Instead of swimming in a sea of pink clothes, pocketbooks and nail polish (their choice, not mine, I assure you). But at the end of the match, win or lose, I've got a great family to go home to. And they will love me and hug me and kiss me no matter how sweaty, stinky, elated or disappointed I am.
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