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hey Jack!

Great idea for a thread!

My standard has been VS mains and Hurricane Feel crosses. But since I love tinkering I'm experimenting with some alternatives.

TONIC / HEPTA 18 @ 49 / 45
Yesterday and today I tried Tonic + Ball Feel mains and Hepta Twist 17 crosses. Played three hours yesterday and two hours today. Comfort was perfect (a giant pillow cushion), spin just dandy, control ok. Way too overpowered! Even with topspin I had trouble keeping shots in and found myself holding back.

TONIC / RPM 17 @ 51 / 47
The racquet is back at the stringers this afternoon to replace the tonic/hepta with tonic/RPM at a slightly higher tension. Hopefully the stiffer RPM will provide a better foundation for the Tonic and reduce the string bed's power significantly. I recently tried VS Black with RPM and found the Black too stiff and too sticky. I believe the Tonic Ball Feel will play very differently with RPM. Will know Monday night!
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