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Originally Posted by BPeeps View Post
Again I salute you. I am self-admittedly addicted to sleep. But thankfully the right people in this world are having children. My mother confronted me at a very early age and was like "If I'm to be a grandmother it won't be because of you...."

Lesson learned. I am selfish. At the same time, I truly admire those of you who make the choice to have children. Your patience and understanding is a gift.

I love children...I'm just not cut out to be a mom
I also salute you BPeeps. I respect people who are know they aren't cut out for kids and don't.

FWIW - my favorite uncle never had kids, but he was the best uncle in the world to all his nieces and nephews. Really he was sort of a second father to me and in some cases stood in for a father for some of my cousins.
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