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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
I also salute you BPeeps. I respect people who are know they aren't cut out for kids and don't.

FWIW - my favorite uncle never had kids, but he was the best uncle in the world to all his nieces and nephews. Really he was sort of a second father to me and in some cases stood in for a father for some of my cousins.
This. If anything, it's not selfish. Selfish is to have kids and then expect someone else to raise them. A nanny, a school teacher, a grandparent. That's not to say those folks can't be instrumental in the development of a child but it's all about what the parent does in/with the time they have. Sometimes I worry I don't spend enough "quality" time with my kids, that I'm so concerned with all the other (overwhelming) aspects of my duties running the house. But I wouldn't trade my time with them -- whether we're folding laundry together, putting away clean dishes or weeding the flower beds. I'd like to say I try to turn even the mundane exercises into learning ones, but it just ain't so. I'm not quite up to the whole home-schooling thing; I happen to be a big fan of public education. But you can bet your favorite racket that I'll be looking to supplement it as I see fit.

And never underestimate being a great Aunt (or Uncle). My oldest brother, his wife and my sister are childless...but absolutely terrific to my crew. It's the phone calls and emails and little gifts (both material and of time) that are so meaningful. My only wish would be that we all lived much closer but it is what it is and they do a great job, even from a distance.
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