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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
tomorrow's slate:

UNC vs Georgia Tech: Hernandez vs Gomez will be a cracker. Both players are in good form. I am not sure about Spir/Boyajian seeing as I saw both of them disected by Yannick Maden in person. UNc has an edge at 3 and 4, Gt the endge at 5 and 6. Pick: Tech 5-2

Clemson vs Duke: I can't see any way Clemson can win. Especially coming off of such a tough loss. Duke 6-1, maybe a win at 5 or 6

FSU 6 Maryland 1

Miami 6 BC 1: Muppidi to break his skid at #1

Virginia 7, Wake Forest 0: Assuming UVA plays the full line-up can't see any spots where Wake can win.

Virginia Tech 5, NC State 2: Hodgson over Daciek at 2 and Sullivan with a win at 5
You called the score of the GT/UNC match-up and were almost spot on as far as the individual matches. Tech took the doubles point with wins at the 1 and 3 spots. In singles, Hernandez/Gomez was definitely a barn-burner with Gomez prevailing in the third set tiebreaker (12-10).

Spir (GT) retired in his singles match against Boyajian at No. 2 making the score 1-1 at that point.

Dean O'Brien (GT) disposed of Tony Meyer 0 and 1 at No. 6 spot. It was a really odd match to be honest. Meyer didn't seem to have any firepower or weapons whatsoever and O'Brien simply had his way with him. It was difficult to tell if he was injured or if that was normally his style of play. With that win Tech goes up 2-1.

Magin Ortiga (GT) goes down to William Parker (UNC) in straights 3 and 1 at No. 5. Ortiga simply didn't have the depth of shot to hurt Parker. Score tied 2-2.

Eliot Potvin (GT) takes out Joey Burkhardt (UNC) in straights 4 and 0 at No. 4. After the first set, Burkhardt's spirit was pretty much broken and but Potvin was relentless. Tech goes up 3-2.

Kevin King (GT) fights off two match points for Stefan Hardy (UNC) in the second set at No. 3 and forces a third. At this point, both players are absolutely spent...but...Hardy is cramping. You could see him shaking his right leg. He's absolutely afraid to behind his knees to get anything on his shots. Despite not bending his knees, he still manages to crack some outright winners off of King's second serves. It was pretty amazing. At some point, Hardy gets pretty desperate and starts hitting drop shots and going for clean winners from improbable positions. King eventually closed it out 6-2 in the third and clinched the winning point for Tech 4-2.

As mentioned earlier, Gomez and Hernandez was absolutely great stuff. There were some tense moments as Gomez laid into the ref to which he got a warning. There was something in the conversation where the ref alluded to "cheating" on Gomez's part but I'm not exactly sure of what the true situation was even though I was there. Gomez came up with the win for a final of 5-2.

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