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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The summers down here are so brutal. It makes me appreciate the lighter TGK I have. I was getting pretty worn out this weekend, and just could not pull the trigger on grabbing my retail prestige out of the bag since it is .4 ozs heavier than my others (definitely lost out on the QC there).

For some reason it weighs 12.5 oz with no mods, 18 gauge string, OG and Dampener. Not a huge problem when I have energy, but enough of a problem to where I am pretty sure in order to free up spot in the bag, the decision to sell it for now is a wise one.

I'm real close to buying a black ace, but I like the prestiges so almost makes more sense to try the MP, since it is lighter and balanced with that awesome prestige serve that has really changed my game. I finally started getting in a groove with my serve again with the prestige..figured out timing and toss issues I was having and started hitting some nice bombs with no effort. Interesting thing is that it seems to all click consistently with the lighter TGK the easiest.

Only bummer about the MP is it's 21mm, which is not a huge deal, but the beamtard in me weeps slightly. I love the Prestiges..freaking awesome sticks. It really is a pleasure to hit with these things. I was hurting bad just started to get super hot here, but even feeling like I was going to pass out, I managed to hit a lot of really sick winners that were right on the lines. I could not see myself doing that with any other racquet. It pretty much made me realize I am a prestige guy and need to stay with what works.

When it gets hot in FL, it makes you question your decision to even walk onto the court. It is that brutal sometimes. I do get used to it, but I remember going through this last year and switching to a little less demanding stick that swung a hair lighter. I am thinking that could happen again, so I am going to try out the MP and will probably be good to go. I have no desire to go to full tweener land or anything like that. I want feel, control, a great serving stick and the ability to go full poly at 50#s. The Prestiges fulfill all of those requirements maybe better than any other racquet out there.
Constantly switching sticks will affect the way you perceive a racquet. It’s always easier to swing a lighter racquet. If you keep switching sticks every practice you’re not going to develop the proper strength and muscle memory to play with a heavier stick. 12.5oz strung and gripped all in is NOT really a heavy stick. Sounds like a standard players frame that most pros would even add lead onto to make it heavier. If you like the way the prestige plays and the way it helps your game but in tough conditions it gets a little tough to use, why not work on your conditioning and strength instead of giving up on the racquet? Seems like you’re doing the opposite of what you should be doing and taking the easy way out :P
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