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The problem is that I am really strong (been lifting hard the past 6 months, plus am just a muscular guy who has lifted all his life) and have good conditioning ..I have been running and playing a ton of tennis in addition to the lifting.

I agree with you about the 12.5..its not a major deal, but over the weeks I have had these sticks, I have used the TGK by far the most. I could use any of the 3 prestige mids I have in a match, since I have, and they are fine. For whatever reason, the TGK hits a heavier ball (i think it is the layup) and is specced out almost exactly the same as the prestige MP, except the MP is a little more head heavy at 7pts (which is what I like the most).

I really don't want to be buying pro stock sticks just to have a prestige that is a little lighter.

I definitely agree that a pro would put lead on their prestige, but most d1 college guys are rocking these things at stock weight and are killing it. In addition, the TGK I have was used in challengers at this lighter weight and it makes sens to me as to why. The racquet head speed I can get basically is getting me some real nice topspin shots that drop in at the last second. I really can lengthen the court with this thing, and it drives people crazy guessing if my shot is going to drop in or not.

I also hate doing what you said, which constantly switching sticks. I really am not a fan of it because while they are all prestiges, they do not spec out or feel the same. I knew this was part of the deal of getting these frames though, so I don't really regret it at all.

To really be a whiner, I can take this to another level of nitpicking, which is that for some reason my love with the leather grip seems to be hurting my hand. I have had this happen before, and it sucks because I prefer leather all day long. I seem to develop grip pain in the base are of my thumb. It has happened before when I went to leather grips and I have tired to ignore it, but the synthetic does not cause this pain. Anyone heard of this before?...maybe the leather is just harsher or something.

Finally, I am not going super light or anything. I am just really into a static weight of 345 after OG and damp and a SW right around 315 to 320 or so. It allows me to get a lot of racquet head speed so that 12oz stick moving like that really puts some nice action on the ball.

I swear every winter I play tennis and feel like I could buy a kps88 and be a beast. Then the humid Florida summer hits and it just sucks you dry so fast. I get used to it over time, but almost always go a little lighter. Finally wised up to the fact that I personally don't need a 330ish SW to hit heavy balls. That only took 2 years to figure out.

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