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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Its fine youíre trying all these sticks and we all do that but you think youíll eventually find something and stick to it? If you like the TGK maybe itís worth investing in 3 sticks that are the same, selling everything else and just stick to that. Even though itís more expensive, a tennis racquet can be used for a long time and doesnít have to be replaced. So the initial cost is marginal over the long haul. You say youíre strong and in shape so maybe itís not the weight but the layup and the balance of the stick that you prefer. If you go to a Prestige MP and a wider beam etc. you might as well just go back to your PST heh. Also I agree with you about the leather grip. I hate em and it almost bruises my palm. One thing that stronger guys tend to do is squeeze the handle tighter than they need to. Loosen up your grip or just go to a synthetic. Even Sampras switched to a synthetic at one stage.
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