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Ok so I am not insane about the leather grip then..that is good.

I usually stick to myfavorite racquets for at least 6 months. I just had an insane urge to try a prestige..realized it was ideal for my strokes (I have a long swing) and now am just getting the right specced one.

You have to understand that my strokes are finally back to where they should be, and my serve is finally rounding into form. I am at the point where the 4.0 guys I used to lose to I can now beat and look good doing it. So with that happening, I learned what works for me. When I was hitting like this before I had a Prince 90 and then a Head Graphite Master (still have the Master is a pretty sweet racquet, but I can't find grommets for it) and was a teenager player usta tournies.

So yeah, I think you will see me sticking with the prestiges, because they have made me a better, more consistent player. This is just some fine tuning, and no real big switching is going on anymore. Trust me, you have to feel this heat to understand what it can do to your will to play tennis sometimes.

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