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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The bummer is that TGKs can be laid up multiple ways and there was only 1 available when I bought it. The layup makes the huge difference I think, it changes a lot. So while I could find another TGK 237.3 with some serious hunting, it would probably not have the same layup.

Regardless, I am selling sticks..having a little clearance going on because at the end of the day I only need 2 identical prestiges, because they are very good on strings. My worst case situation is I have a PC600 backing up my TGK. I can think of way worse problems to have in tennis .
lol yeah i remember needing like 5 sticks all done up before a tournament back in the day when Syn Gut would last a couple hours before popping. Now with my Black Code strung at 40lbs. You couldn't break that if you played tennis with a brick. You definitely donít need as many racquets as before.
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