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Everyone: I'm definitely jumping on the Tour Bite train that's been going traveling around here lately, picking up more and more passengers. What a great, crisp feeling string. I wonder if a full bed of it will tweak the elbow over time, though?
Yes, it's an awesome, really special string IMO, and BTW, no probs with it and elbow thus far. I've had it strung @ 52s, 50, and 48 lbs in the APD and PC+, and it seems to play even better for me the lower I go. Am getting my TF 320 and TGK PP from stringers today/tomorrow and both are coming back with Tour Bite stringjobs. I then really look forward to APD>Tec V02 320>PP tests/comparisons... yes, I've been here before, but I don't think I was thorough or patient enough though; I didn't really go down the modding up route, which can make a huge difference (and is a big reason I think I so liked the APD on Friday), and I didn't have them all strung with the same string before of course.

Power Player,

RE Leather grips, I've tried these a fair few times over the years and always it's the same outcome: too rough and uncomfortable feeling.

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