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Default I have not tried it. I usually can grab one for a free ride for a few days so when I get a chance I will do it.

The TGK spoiled me with the fact that it is a little lighter and hits heavier than the retail. Specs out real close to the MP after OG and dampener. They all hit great so far. I just need 2 of the same of something and I will be good. The balance of the TGK is just a little too HL or it would be perfect, but I can fix that.

You are saying that even though the MP is 7 points HL like mid, it is different eh? I can see that. I actually do not mind the feel of the retail mid. there is something about it that works for me when I hit clean. All the prestiges have the best sweet spot of any stick.

The fine tuning is tougher to me then picking between say a babolat and a wilson or something like that. There are little specs I want tweaked and the MP's specs match very close to a pro stock (since you can add lead to it).

Ill be honest for me, the big thing for me is serves when I buy a racquet. Usually the groundies dial themselves in within a week as long as they are in my window of Spec. If a racquet is tough to serve with, and you can't make it better over time, usually you are going to have some trouble. With groundstrokes, I adjust tension on the strings and I am usually good to go as long as I like the feel and balance of the stick and it is not too powerful.

I am still interested in the Black Ace, but if I can stick with the prestige line as originally planned, I will be happy.

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