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I thought TB was a really high performing string but it did lack a little in the comfort area. It's very crispy and tingy. I like it better in a larger more open stringbed that has a little more give.

Hyperion is still gc-poat (greatest co-poly) for me. Old reliable. No fuss, no dead feel, no edges wearing off, no overnight transformation into lifeless board. PL2 is superb at the beginning but the 6 hour falloff is there: it just gets hard and launchy.

I'm down to 2 sticks looking to sidegrade from my E-pro: PSTGT bone stock and lead fortified YTPP.

Gonna be a tough call on this one. Spent the weekend moving lead around the ytpp: The PED setup with 3g at 12 seemed to solidify the top of the string bed and give more shape and spin to my shots, however, it did not swing as classically as the 3 and 9 lead. Also, the 3 and 9 seemed to give more power and control on shots where I was really going for it. Really dug the lesser swingweight on the 3 and 9 when serving.

I found the rac exceedingly spinny in stock and adding lead at 12 seemed overkill in the spin department: I was finding crazy angles but I lost a little of that lazer feeling: could see the ball checking up.

I think macro said this thing was the GOHBHROAT, I gotta agree, I was whipping up and over shots that I would have to slice with my heavier SW sticks.

Stick should be hyperionized and freshcapped tomorrow, can't wait.
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