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Ooo..nice little battle here. the pstgt should give you a flatter trajectory. I also found the Prestige Pro too spinny, but in defense of that racquet, I never spent too much time with it. I am much more of tight pattern guy though.

When you put 3 and 9 on the prestige, what was the balance at? I am guessing 6 pts from 7?

I wonder if those Stanford guys even mod theirs..I am almost betting they don't..I think they use the MP version..possibly the Mid..did you get a close enough look to see?

I have been watching some D2 matches here. I don't think these guys lead up at all from the racquets I saw. They definitley care less than us. Lots of them are rocking the prestige MP and Mids now. I am thinking that Head has just taken advantage of the K95 players who did not like the BLX.
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