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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
PL2 is superb at the beginning but the 6 hour falloff is there: it just gets hard and launchy.

Spent the weekend moving lead around the ytpp: The PED setup with 3g at 12 seemed to solidify the top of the string bed and give more shape and spin to my shots, however, it did not swing as classically as the 3 and 9 lead. Also, the 3 and 9 seemed to give more power and control on shots where I was really going for it.
Great summary. I agree with you re pl2 but the $6 price is too tempting right now to not give it another try. I loved pl2 in the apd's but not so much in my ytpp's. Don't really know why. I've dropped my tension a bit to adjust for my less static weight(332g down from 341g).

Nice writeup on the lead placement too. I think my strokes are so grooved with the lead at 12 that its hard for me to adjust to 3/9, just feels sluggish to me.

On the PP, lead at 3/9 really helped on the slice and it also helped on half volley shots at the baseline, the stability really lets you put something on what would typically be a defensive shot.

On PST vs PP, I like the way the PP swings better. That was alway s the knock for my on the pst and the aeropro, I wish they swung a bit more freely but the end result is hard to argue with
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