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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post I have not tried it. I usually can grab one for a free ride for a few days so when I get a chance I will do it.

The TGK spoiled me with the fact that it is a little lighter and hits heavier than the retail. Specs out real close to the MP after OG and dampener. They all hit great so far. I just need 2 of the same of something and I will be good. The balance of the TGK is just a little too HL or it would be perfect, but I can fix that.

You are saying that even though the MP is 7 points HL like mid, it is different eh? I can see that. I actually do not mind the feel of the retail mid. there is something about it that works for me when I hit clean. All the prestiges have the best sweet spot of any stick.

The fine tuning is tougher to me then picking between say a babolat and a wilson or something like that. There are little specs I want tweaked and the MP's specs match very close to a pro stock (since you can add lead to it).

Ill be honest for me, the big thing for me is serves when I buy a racquet. Usually the groundies dial themselves in within a week as long as they are in my window of Spec. If a racquet is tough to serve with, and you can't make it better over time, usually you are going to have some trouble. With groundstrokes, I adjust tension on the strings and I am usually good to go as long as I like the feel and balance of the stick and it is not too powerful.

I am still interested in the Black Ace, but if I can stick with the prestige line as originally planned, I will be happy.
Yeah, you may find a perfect match with the Prestige MP - I'm just saying for me personally, it didn't match up with the Mid no matter the weight tweaks I tried. In stock form the swingweight was just too low, and with lead I never found anything as sweet as the Mid. Mid just had that 'it' factor, that magic, that the MP never could muster (plus I love the slightly longer handle of the Mid, which feels more natural for me, especially when I go to my two-hander; I hit both). Definitely retains the Prestige Service Bombs, though, so if that's the main thing you're looking for, you'll definitely find it with the MP, too. Good luck with the demo.
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