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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
fair enough, it's hard to hate on a team that has won so many matches in a row, but i just think the scheduling has worked out nicely for them with lots of good opponents but very few great ones to hand them costly losses in the ranking points

Ole Miss and Louisville are ranked 30 and 32, so I don't consider them tough at all, but a matter of opinion...I don't see other top 5 teams struggling with teams of this caliber

and I see UGA is claiming they are SEC champions on their is that exactly? UT has one loss, they have zero, and they play in a few days...seems to me if UT wins (as I expect they will, but who knows) then UGA has a share of the title at best, and in just about any tie-break format I can imagine UT would be the real champions

creative marketing by UGA
Not sure how it works, but that is the way it falls. Win or lose, they're SEC champs or partial SEC champs. It's above me as to how that tiebreaker works.
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