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Originally Posted by mackimac View Post
Clemson Tennis,

UNC Wilmington is a very strong team. I was looking at their schedule and they beat #43 South Florida and #49 Cornell Easily dropping only one point. They are a mid major program on the beach with two American Players in their top 3. That is pretty uncommon these days for a school that good. They have been in the top 50 the last couple of years anyway.

Idaho is damn good too go look at their record they have beaten Boise, Hawaii, and some other very good teams. Just because they are not houshold names they can still play.

I have both of these teams beating Clemson at the moment.
I don't think so. Cornell is another overranked team. UNc Wilmington got beat by NC State 7-0. Clemson would beat Wilmington and Idaho. We do not have any bas losses but no good wins either
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