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Default ... by the batch?

Originally Posted by MIGHTY MANFRED THE WONDER View Post
Tennis is big in the Southwest, obviously...Tucson, Phoenix and Palm Springs CA. always have something to buy cheap.
The T2000,T3000s with covers- I sell them in sets/ by the batches-

I pick up a lot of "famous" player wood frames in perfect (almost untouched condition)- Pancho, Stan Smith or Chrissies, I like to hold on to the very best of the "photo/neck" rackets-esp. of lesser known players.

Best find- Donnay BORG racket, cover in mint condition and a matching (signed) autobiography a couple days apart.
Time has not allowed me to go shopping here, but you let go of the T2K's and T3K's by the droves? Maybe we should "talk", would prefer to have a couple of back ups instead of the one I have now (sentimental reasons).
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