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i was at the UNC-duke match today....what a roller-coaster ride! Props to Brennan and Cameron for pulling off the doubles point - when I arrived, the score was 5-5. I saw the break - didn't realize UNC had squandered a 5-1 lead.

was absolutely shocked at how poorly Reid Carleton played. he was simply never in the match.

really disappointed that Hardy was serving for the first set at 5-1, and lost 7-5. he was toast at that point. didn't watch either of the bloodbaths at #4 or #6.

Jose and Cunha started off sluggishly, but both really picked up their games as the first set progressed. Huge props to Jose for pulling out a huge victory to preserve the win for the Heels. when duke took the 3-2 lead, I felt certain that Parker and Jose would split matches, at best.

So, congrats to Jose and William, and the others for a big win!
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