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Originally Posted by PLAY,EAT,SLEEP,LOVETENNIS View Post
Hey Guys,

Bought a pair of pp3's recently and wondered whether when it comes to the 6 month outsole warranty Babolat would replace the shoes with another pair or would give me a refund. Plus, when I bought them I didn't get a warranty card and wondered if you have to have one to replace them (Im in the the UK)
6 month outsole means you mail the worn shoes to babolat and they send you another pair. You don't need the warranty card, just go to TW's "Customer Service" link, which gives you the details:

Babolat Procedure:
Please send your warranted Babolat shoes back to:
Warranty Dept
650 South Taylor Ave
Louisville, CO 80027

Send the shoes back along with your original proof of purchase and a check for $9.95 for the cost of shipping back to you. You can make checks payable to Babolat.
Be sure your outsole is worn through to the inner material. These are my Babolat's that Babolat replaced:

something like \/ this \/ black spot is necessary
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