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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
Babolat wasn't picky in my case, as although I had worn through the main outsole layer, the black spot you see exposed was not the insole... kind of the middle layer (soft rubber) between outsole and insole, but that was enough for me to get the replacements.

B6 definitely has a longer break-in, while the PP's have a more adjustable fit (I really like the footbelt tech), allowing for a more-perfect fit (which you can change on the fly as needed). Both grip the court well and have solid outsole durability, but again I prefer the Babolat rubber for both grip and durability overall too.
youre definitely right about the propulse's having a more perfect fit with the footbelt. Barricade 6's feel way more narrow than the barricade v's. maybe its cause theyre not broken in but my feet felt they were being squeezed. Tried on both and just left the pro shop with the propulse 3's in red .
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