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Today's matches:

Virginia 7, Clemson 0: Eevn if UVA plays a weak line-up I can't see a win for Clemson.

Georgia Tech 6, Virginia Tech 1

Duke 7, FSU 0: FSU is not deep and their top 2 strength is overwhelmed by Duke's top 2. Can Mirzadeh beat Cunha? Perhaps but I don't see Cunha losing again

NC State 4, Maryland 3: Pulgar and Hogdson carry the day

Wake 7, BC 0

Miami vs UNC: Match of the day. UNc is coming off of a big win. They are favored in doubles and 1 and 2. Miami is a deep team and has advantage at 5 and 6. It will come down to 3 and 4. Split the two. UNC 4-3
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