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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
If Singh gradually gets healthy by the time the NCAA tourney starts, then Illinois will be an upset threat to a lot of teams and should make the final 16. At #17 with Pepperdine not participating, they are already on track to host a regional.
Hes played three three-set matches since he has returned and he is even playing doubles now. It seems to be a big if with him, but if he can get more match play, he will defnitely be a plus. I was ready to write him off for the year but he's starting to come back.

As far as Illinois making the final 16, that's still a big question. They've struggled against Iowa and Northwestern and lost to the loosiers this year. You never know how they will show up from day to day. I was a bit worried after they dropped the doubles today against the Spartans but they rebounded nicely. At full strength, they can definitely be a top 16 team or better, but their lack mental strength it seems at times.

They've got a tough match with Minnesota on Friday so we'll see how well they do.
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