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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post

I have some WC Silverstring 1.25 inbound and will hybrid with either Touch or Team.

Previously I found Team a little too springy in an open pattern. Now I have a PSLGT which is pretty dense.

Based on your experience with this hybrid so far any advice? Right now I'm thinking Team/Silverstring @ 52/48.

How's the string movement with Silverstring? Does the Team spring back nicely?
I went with the 17 gauge Silverstring so there might be a bit more movement than the 16 gauge you are going with. If this maintains tension, this will be the control racquet to compare for future string tests. Natural gut at 52lbs is going to be way too much power. I would suggest you up it to at least 55lbs and put SS at around 51lbs. You will probably have a longer break in period at slightly lower tenison as well.

As far as open pattern, yes it is springy but you would adjust by upping the tension to deal with that. My PSTGT is 16x20 which is pretty open and having gut at less than 58lbs is just way too much power.
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