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He was a great player! I would say that his best surface was grass, so really Wimbledon was his best chance. He was a serve and volleyer in the classic mold. He had a beautiful game and great form. He was not a great mover though. His 20's were between 1973-1983 and during those years, you had Connors, Ashe, Borg, and McEnroe winning at Wimbledon, so I think you are right, the competition at the very top was just a bit too much. He did push Borg to the brink at the 1979 Wimbledon. He lost to Borg in 1979 (2nd round) and to Connors (QF) in 1981, after having been up 2 sets to love in both matches.
Vijay was soooooo smooth and so elegant a player. He was capable of beating anyone when he was "on" his game. Yes I do think he would have had a shot to win Wimbledon in 1981 but it would have been very tough. If he beat Connors he would have had to face Borg next and if he beat Borg he would have to beat John McEnroe. Yet on grass he would have stood a better chance than most against these guys.
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