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Hey all,

Just bought a pair of PP3 red... Wow. I'm a convert.

I've always been an Adidas guy tearing through barricades like it was my job.Next, I Bought a pair of the Nike Balistec 1.3s on a whim and stayed there. I was happy. Then they had to go change to the 2.3s. Talk about ouch. I beat the living heck out of mine to break them in and they still hurt when I put them on. Finally, I gave in and bought a pair of PP3s on a friend's recommendation. Wow. Just wow.

A) they don't feel anywhere near 16.2 oz. I strapped them on and they felt very light
B) Fit is fantastic. I have a typically wide foot and I was able to fit my normal 11.5 no problem. Comfortable as anything, like one of the previous posters in, they felt similar to an old pair of barricades I had. Didn't really need to break them in
C) Hot Damn they look good
D) I happened to play basketball with them my first time out and I literally stuck to the floor. These things are amazing on hard-wood. Similar experience on hard court-- fantastic traction on them although I've yet to really run them out hard.

Overall, I'm really happy so far-- my only worry is whether the durability will be up to par like many have been saying. I'm notorious for wearing through the bottoms and strangely enough the metatarsal area on top, of the left foot-- think ball of the foot, top side.
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