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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
Have never seen him, but his best ranking was only no.16. considering that the competiton in tennis was not as tough as today no. 16 was pretty far away from the top.

seems to me more like a player like santoro who could have an occasional upset against greats but not consistently able to play at the top.
Number 16 is certainly far from the very top, but in his time, there were a lot of very tough players to try and overcome. The top 10 and top 20 during the late 1970's-early 1980's had plenty of great players. So, the competition was extremely tough. The late 1970's has been termed a Golden Era in tennis, in which the Game reached the heights of its popularity. Tennis has not seen anything like that period since. He played completely different than Santoro, as he had a traditional S&V game, with extremely smooth strokes. As a young player, he along with Borg were considered part of the "new guard" that would challenge for the top by the mid-1970's. He was in a James Bond movie too in the 1980's, where he used his Donnay to hit some bad guys lol. Here's an interview with him. (he talks about visiting Wimbledon for the first time and he idolized Pancho Gonzalez)
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