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Default A couple of questions for TW

Do you guys have any info roughly on when an Organix version of the Volkl PB10 Mid might become available?

I recently tried a TW demo of the PB10 Mid with poly and liked it a lot. I read somewhere that the multifilament demos are normally strung at 2lbs above midrange, but what tension would the poly demo of the PB10 Mid be strung at?

a slightly odd question: I like playing with leather grips with an overgrip, but I do not want to go beyond say grip size 3. If I put one of the thinner 1.3mm TW leather grips and an overgrip on a size 3 grip/handle, would it stay at roughly size 3 and not closer to 3.5? The overgrip I normally use is the Yonex Super Grap if that makes any difference.

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