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In an interview, Dancer says;

"We don't stay calm. We don't execute. We lose control. We are very disappointed. We have got to rebound."

Isn't it the coaches job to calm the players down and stay in control?

"Clearly the coaches have to do better and reach each individual player a little bit more. Our guys have to play smarter and tougher and the coaches have to figure out what's not happening to make it work better than today's match."

Figure out what? The season is over. The team's streak of 20-win seasons is over, we're going to fall out of the top 20, we are not going to be hosting the regionals and we only have one more game in the regular season, and you think we need to figure out things now?

At this rate, Illinois will be hosting the 2013 NCAA championships and watching from the sidelines. Has this ever happened in the history of NCAA tennis? What an embarrassment.

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