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Oh btw, Vijay is pronounced quite close to "Vee jay" , so its not anywhere close to what you guys were insinuating. (Actually, the "vee" is not stressed, its more like "vidge", and the "y" also pronounced.)

Most foreign commentators (Brits or Americans) would use the easy way and say "V J", or "veejay".

I have nothing to say about the strike, I would prefer he spoke for himself, as to why he played.

I don't know whether the situation can be likened to the boycott of the Olympics in 80 and 84. Britons were given the choice to attend or not, and some did. I would not pass a moral judgment on someone who has not committed a crime, but just did not honor a boycott or strike. He may have had his reasons. Whatever, that's just me, you have a right to your own opinion.
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