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Originally Posted by ananda View Post
Oh btw, Vijay is pronounced quite close to "Vee jay" , so its not anywhere close to what you guys were insinuating. (Actually, the "vee" is not stressed, its more like "vidge", and the "y" also pronounced.)

Most foreign commentators (Brits or Americans) would use the easy way and say "V J", or "veejay".

I have nothing to say about the strike, I would prefer he spoke for himself, as to why he played.

I don't know whether the situation can be likened to the boycott of the Olympics in 80 and 84. Britons were given the choice to attend or not, and some did. I would not pass a moral judgment on someone who has not committed a crime, but just did not honor a boycott or strike. He may have had his reasons. Whatever, that's just me, you have a right to your own opinion.
I have a pretty dirty mind but I can not think of anything dirty about the name or words Vijay Amritraj.
The 1973 Wimbledon boycott can't be compared to the US 1980 Olympic boycott. I don't remember the 84. USA must have been doing something real bad at the time?
It's ironic that USA is in Afghanistan now and we boycotted in 1980 because Russia was there back then. Usually an Olympic boycott is about war. Wimbledon 73 was about players having freedom to play where they want. (Nicki Pilic was suspended during Wimbledon for not playing Davis Cup). The ATP decided it's not fair and in order to protect everyone, they boycotted Wimbledon. I've read several books where players talk about this. Kramer, Ashe, etc. wrote about it in their books.
I don't know what you do for a living. I'm a meat cutter. My job has been greatly affected in a negative way by scabs. If you ever lost a strike because of scabs, you might have a different opinion. When you lose a strike, you can lose health care benefits, pension, wages, vacation (little things like that)
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