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Default following up on earlier Scorpion experience

OK I want to be fair about earlier disappointment with my Scorpion/VS hybrid.
After working with my local pro on a lesson, then 1.5 hours on serves and 1.5 hours on ball machine I realized that a lot of my problem was in my stroke.

So, there was a noticable dropoff in control after about 4 hours...I almost couldnt screw up a shot.

After that early honeymoon the tension fell off enough that it required different handling.....However it still generates ton of spin, tons of kick on my topspin serves (its actually ridiculous). I have just had to use a little more care on the power....with proper topspin- which I wasn't executing as effectively as I should- the balls cooperate

So bottom line, tension falls off after first 4-5 hours but settles in and is still very lively. I think I am going to restring soon with the BHBR and I will go up on the tensions about 4 pounds and see if it will settle in a little sweeter performance spot for me.

By the way there is a little bit of noticable wear but I think they will last a long time yet
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