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Default TFight

Why not go back to TF320? Looked like you were crushing the ball with it.

Ross K,
I think I know why you don't like the TF320's feel. The silicone in the handle takes away a bit of the feel you are accustomed to. I put some in the handle of my YTPP to compensate for removal of the leather grip (just 7-8g) and it got more tinny and muted. I took the bluetack (silicone alternative) out of the PSTGT handle and a bit of the feel came right back as well. So you may want to stay away from certain sticks that have silicone in the handle, or use bluetack (the effects are less severe than silicone IMO).

Also, I must have spoken too soon with my love of the YTPP and ended up eating my words. Long story short, I sold them, went back to PSTGT until I figure out my next move and then ended up stringing up the Black Magic 17 at 51# in my TF320 and I'm back in the saddle with the TFights. Serves and spin are huge with that stick over the YTPP/PSTGT for me. I may go down to 48# since it seems to be ok with full poly and low tensions as in nothing's really flying on me.

Anyone try low sub-50 tensions in the TF320's?
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