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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
One post likened it to a softer feeling PD and said it was very spinny and powerful. Maybe a bit like the TF 320 in performance...

Re the IG 16x19, I'm trying to get hold of one in a trade or some such...
A PD and an EXO3 Tour feel nothing alike. Nothing. A stiff PD will launch the ball off the stringbed in an instant. Because there's little dwell time, there's little feel. The EXO3 Tour, OTOH, is so flexible that even with tight poly the ball stays on the string bed for what seems like an eternity. It's like the frame (not the strings) has a trampoline effect. The spin is good, but not Babolat good, and the power is there, but it's not tweener powerful. The flex is an acquired taste. If you hit with one, it'll feel unlike anything you've ever hit with. I prefer the older Ozone Tours--they're not quite as flexy. IMO, the Speeds would be less of a system shock if you're coming from APDs, YTPPs, and TFs.
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