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Hmm, maybe these newer Exo's wouldn't be my cup of tequilla then. I quite like stiff these days and am not into that very soft feel I've admittedly previously liked in various frames... never did hit with Ozones but know the Ozxone Tour was highly rated by some.


Re TF V02 320, I'll probably give it one further string job, just because, in theory, it should be an excellent fit for me. As you refer to though, the feel hasn't been to my liking, plus I can't quite seem to get the kind of ball I like (has the spin factor but there's a slight lack of depth, unlike the APD, which has both.) Additionally, it isn't so 'addictive' a hit as something like the APD, or a PDR, or whatever, probably because I can't quite locate the same easy, deep groundie. All that said though, it's quite close to my APDs, and is the kind of frame that I'd use for doubles (though I'm not a regular dubs player), or if I was hitting with my old coach, or indeed playing/coaching with kids, which I do fairly frequently... I've alternated between a small amount of lead @ 12, and then also I've had lead @ 10 and 2. I think 50 is as low as I've gone (w/Black Code, if I'm not mistake.) Loads of power of course. Truthfully though, I have never been entirely happy with this frame with any string/set up (inc. my fave string, Tour Bite, and BHBR). I suspect for me, it could be more about modding it up somewhat more skillfully, as opposed to tension issues. Then again, maybe, like I seem to have discovered with the Pres Pros, it's just not right for me?

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