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Was just outside walking puppee and some petty criminal who resembles Verdasco coming down off a heroin high who is most likely looking to steal morning food deliveries from restraunts looked at me funny because I'm looking at him funny then he comes over I notice blood seeping out of his left eye. He's got tatoos covering his hands that translate into I'm a murderous scary thief and will kill you. Then he asks why I'm looking at him like he owes me $. I tell him to have a nice day as the blood pouring out of his eyeball soils the city sidewalk.

If I get murdered today it was this guy.

I leave my STV to the TT HOF.

I leave my Pacific OG supply to the lowest biddurr.

I'm taking my last set of black Global Gut with me though. Sorry.
This is a song about a car.
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