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Yeah, maybe you're right. I'm just sick of the way Dancer has destroyed this team. You may be one of those who think stacking is ok so you don't see it. I know stacking is not against the rules but I am one of those who thinks it ruins the game sometimes. The second ranked player is playing the sixth match. That's stacking. Maybe you think it's good manuvering. Fine. Whatever. I'm probably done getting too involved in Ilinois tennis until Dancer is gone or figures it out. Signing out.
Actually, I think stacking is quite clearly against the rules. But, I think what constitutes stacking isn't simply the number next to a name, i.e., just because one player's ITA rank is higher than another player's doesn't mean it's a "stack" to place the lower ranked player higher IF the lower ranked player can actually beat the higher ranked player or be very competitive with him.

So, let's say Nos. 3 and 4 get some decent individual tourney play during the fall season and earn an ITA rank. Then they play some dual matches against highly ranked teams who also have ranked 3 and 4 players and they perform well, thus solidifying their rank. But, then let's say, No. 4 starts to play bad, maybe loses a set in practice to No. 5 (or loses an actual match). If No. 5 can actually beat No. 4 (even if he doesn't always do it), I don't think it's stack to put that player higher.

Likewise, you see highly ranked teams with their top 3 players all ranked in the top 30 or 40 and they'll all switch around a lot because they are all competititive. Also, not stacking.

Stacking is when the clearly superior player is placed lower and the lower player is placed higher knowing that he has no chance at winning. Stacking involves purposely throwing away matches so that other matches can be won.

Anyone know the technical rules.
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