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I think we all agree that stacking is against the rules. I don't think Illinois stacked in the Minnesota match. KU, Kalmanovich and Hamui have played higher than Souza the whole year. The only issue would be with Hoh playing 5. From what I have seen lately, I think Hoh was playing better. I admith this is debateable. I thnk Dancer has been looking for more out of the 5-6 spot the whole year. Souza, Hoh and Abdelnour have switched in and out of those spots. Typically, Souza and Hoh have played more than Abdelnour. While Souza probably has played more matches at a higher spot than Hoh, the question really goes to who is playing better. By the way, was anyone at the OSU-IU match? OSU won 5-2 but I think that is a good result for IU.

There is a rule for stacking, a couple of years ago, Northwestern forfeited a match against Wisconsin that they had won 4-3 because of stacking. As a result, Wisconsin won 4-3.
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