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Originally Posted by weksa View Post
Cindysphinx, so is this the old or the new teaching pro? Sounds like the lessons are going well.
This is New Pro.

New pro is very interesting. He has another 3.5 female student, and he has been coaching her for a long time. She's a big fan of singles. She has joined my tennis team.

Well, she and I played singles a few weeks ago. She was whipping me, but good. I look up during the second set, and New Pro is sitting there in the viewing window, watching. She had told him when and where we were playing, obviously.

I think his watching me take a beating led in part to his bringing The Contraption to our lesson. He got a chance to see how I play, and he must have seen how much I struggle finding angles on short-ish balls and how my topspin failed me quite often.

Anyway . . . I went out today and did some drop feeding to work on this WW element of the stroke. When I get it, it is amazing. Gotta keep working on it . . .
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