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Originally Posted by IlliniSky View Post
Yeah, maybe you're right. I'm just sick of the way Dancer has destroyed this team. You may be one of those who think stacking is ok so you don't see it. I know stacking is not against the rules but I am one of those who thinks it ruins the game sometimes. The second ranked player is playing the sixth match. That's stacking. Maybe you think it's good manuvering. Fine. Whatever. I'm probably done getting too involved in Ilinois tennis until Dancer is gone or figures it out. Signing out.
1) I am not one of those who thinks stacking is OK.

2) Stacking is against the rules.

3) When I see allegations that a certain player should have played several spots higher in the lineup, but the scores indicate he struggled to win in three sets down where he played, then I don't see the stacking.

4) ITA rankings are heavily influenced by fall play. Some players miss the fall entirely, while others have one hot tournament in the fall that pumps up their ranking but then play at their normal level the rest of the season. You cannot insist that the lineup follow ITA rankings. KU Singh would have to play #6 for the whole spring just because he missed the fall season.
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