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Originally Posted by Lefty Spin View Post
I think we all agree that stacking is against the rules. I don't think Illinois stacked in the Minnesota match. KU, Kalmanovich and Hamui have played higher than Souza the whole year. The only issue would be with Hoh playing 5. From what I have seen lately, I think Hoh was playing better. I admit this is debateable.
The only thing that raised my eyebrows when I saw the box score was Hoh playing 5 and Souza playing 6. Notice that Hoh won the first set and Souza lost the first set. At that point, I wonder if anyone was still thinking that a stack was going on? Sure, Hoh then lost in 3 and Souza won in 3, but assuming that Minnesota's #5 is better than their #6 this does not indicate that Souza is definitely playing better than Hoh right now. Looks like they are about even.

If Souza had breezed through in straight sets while Hoh lost in straight sets, we would all be in agreement that the lineup looked fishy.
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