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Originally Posted by jhick View Post
Out of curiousity, does anyone know how stacking rules are determined/enforced?
It is subjective. Players are supposed to play in order of "ability" per ITA rules. There are specific clauses that you cannot claim that a player is returning from injury so he is playing several spots down, etc. When he is healthy, he goes back to his spot. Not healthy, don't play him yet. Players cannot change more than one spot in the lineup from one match to the next.

If an opposing coach protests before a match, both coaches present their arguments to an ITA official. The official then has to make a judgment call based on the evidence from this season, weighted towards more recent results. Because of the subjectivity, most ITA officials are not willing to force a lineup change unless a distance of more than one spot is obviously involved and the decision does not look that close. As a result, rather minor stacking flies under the radar. Egregious stacking (#4 player is playing #1 today because "he has been winning in practice") will be overturned.
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