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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
subarus are great! i would definitely take one. the 3000GT is classic too.
Agreed on the Subaru. It was Love At First Sight. And I bought it even before I was married or had kids. It's a 2001 with only 71K well-cared for miles. Haven't spent a dime on it except for regular maintenance (read: oil changes, new tires and batteries). Got a CV-Joint going bad and it's scheduled to be replaced this summer but all-in-all, I can't complain. Wish the mpg were just a bit better; can't ever quite get 30mpg on the road...but 22-25 mpg around town/mixed driving isn't bad.

Went to the annual car show earlier this year, looked over all the new stuff. Hated the new Forester. Just something about the seating position was all wrong. Liked the Mazda 3 and 5, Honda Fit and, much to our surprise, the Hyundai Elantra. Whole lotta car for the money. But since my car, despite its age, is not up in the rotation for replacement, hubs will be making the next vehicle selection. Oddly enough, it's his '01 Focus that's starting to develop some, time to get out the checkbook.

But, ahhhhhh, I miss my sports car days. My first little ride was an Opel GT. Pukey mustard yellow color but it had the sweetest 2nd gear I've ever driven. Looked like a mini-Corvette but was a metal version. Cool, manual, flip-over headlights...and 150mph on the speedometer. I never had it that high, not even anywhere in the triple-digits but spoke with a few guys (in doing some maintenance homework) who'd had one out on the track. Said 120mph was doable and felt good. Not shabby for a little 4-speed, 4-cylinder.

Then I thought I'd moved up in the world when I bought my first RX-7. Black. Now that car had a smooth clutch and a quiet engine. That's the car...I'd want back.

The 3000GT was a lark purchase. It I got plenty of attention in it. Sold it to my dad for a profit. He tooled around in it for two more years, then sold it to some sucker...for a profit. LOL
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