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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I went from 62#s to was can do it me.

48#s full poly in the prestige is a very sexy experience. The Donnays are meant for 50#s and under as well...keep that in mind if you get one and it is strung up tight.
Donnays at 50 and under? Man, the only way I could keep the easy power of the Dark Red at bay was to go high 50s. But I think the Black is less powerful.

Have you played around at all with the buttcaps? The slides don't really do anything, in my opinion, but the buttcaps really can do funky things with the balance. I know you're probably doing the smart thing by keeping the Prestige-like weight and balance and probably not messing, but man, when I put the 10g cap into my dark red, it was BOMBS. AWAY. on serve. Still miss the ease of those aces and service winners with the DR in hand.
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