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Originally Posted by el sergento View Post
...Update on my Prestige grudge match...

For about two months now I've been playing with both the YTK Prestige PMP and PPro and a very clear winner has emerged and it's the ...................

..........Drum roll.............

The Prestige Pro hands down. Moving outdoors means harsher conditions and having to adapt to the elements and bad bounces.

As such, spin and power come to the forefront and the Pro is just spinnier and more powerful and will get you out of tight spot with flying colors.

Also, when the ball gets up high I can crush it down with ease, something the MP could not do. At the end of the day, there's just no substitute for twistweight and plow.

I think I hit gold with my currents setup.

With OG, 346 grams, 323 SW (3g's at 1.5&10.5), 7 pts hl

I'm actually kind of disappointed because I love tinkering with my racquets and other than restringing, there's just nothing to do anymore on my PPro (for now).

Ross, did you ever lead up your PPro finally?

Hey el,

Yes, I posted about this last week. To recap, I appreciated the way it kind of 'launched' and oomphed up the ball, especially with the 2hbh. However, I was left feeling I'm just quite not where I want to be with this frame, and actually fast tiring of the constant tinkering with mods/strings/tensions, etc.

TBH, I sense I could be approaching the end of the road with the PP. It's probably a tad out of my league anyhow. Plus, for all it's touch, solidness, build quality, all court performance, etc, I'm now leaning back towards the other frame I've been kind of playing on/off with for over a year - the APD. Just a slightly better match up for me generally, I think.

Thanks for your help though el (I thought those mods were pretty artful, if that's the word?)... and I absolutely do consider it a brilliant frame; I just think, as I said in that post last week... "the evidence is mounting" and the jury has kind of spoken.


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